Green Chemistry and Enabling Technologies

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The research group Green Chemistry and Enabling Technologies is part of the Institut des Biomolécules Max Mousseron (IBMM), directed by Prof. Pascal Dumy and of the Department of Amino acids, Peptides and Proteins directed by Prof. Jean Martinez. Located on the campus Triolet of Université de Montpellier, our team devotes its days to the development of a more sustainable chemistry, by the use of alternative less toxic solvents or using activation methodologies requiring less energy.

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    Frédéric Lamaty will be invited lecturer at the 17th French-American Chemical Society Meeting (FACS) that will be held in Orléans (France) from 3rd to 7th of June 2018.

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    Frédéric Lamaty and Thomas-Xavier Métro will be invited lecturers at the Beilstein Organic Chemistry Symposium 2018, on the topic Mechanochemistry: Microscopic and Macroscopic Aspects, that will be held in Ruedesheim (Germany) from 13th to 15th of November 2018.

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    What is mechanochemistry? Or how to explain this breaking technology to your parents, children or friends.

    Institute of Biomolecules Max Mousseron, through the activity of the team Green Chemistry and Enabling Technologies, has become, in the last years, expert of mechanosynthesis in organic and organometallic chemistry. Frédéric Lamaty, DR CNRS at IBMM, explains in a joint article in "CNRS News" and the daily newspaper “Libération” what constitutes mechanochemistry.

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    Marcin Drop, a student involved in a shared thesis program between the University of Montpellier and the Jagellonian University (Krakow, Poland), was awarded a 2nd Poster Prize (over 1912 contributions) in the engineering category during the Twitter conference organized by the Royal Society of Chemistry. This conference took place March 6-7, 2018 and consisted in posting and discussing a poster on Twitter. Marcin presented his work on the synthesis of heterocycles via ring-closing metathesis in continuous flow (Green Chem. 2017, 19, 1647).

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Job offers
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The Green Chemistry and Enabling Technologies research group is looking for applicants on the following subjects:

Post-doc position available (URGENT), starting at last on June 1st 2018. See the offer here.

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